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Comprehensive Fund Development Certificate

Nonprofit organizations are being asked to do more with less. Increasingly, economic forces and competition for shrinking sources of funds require organizations to adopt professional fundraising practices. The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership has designed a certificate program to assist individuals and organizations as they pursue growth in fundraising knowledge and skills.

The Comprehensive Fund Development Certificate Program will be useful for fundraising professionals to develop a well-rounded understanding of the profession, and it will help other nonprofit professionals and volunteers learn the fundamentals for successful fundraising.

The certificate program consists of four (4) fundraising courses and a Capstone course. These courses and Capstone will provide you with a broad understanding of the fundraising role as well as implementation of best practices within your organization. 

The four (4) fundraising courses must be taken prior to applying for the Capstone. The Capstone course is offered in the spring semester each year. 
Please visit see the Schedule for more detailed information regarding the 2017 program schedule.

Program Overview

If you are interested in pursuing the certificate you will complete four of the approved fundraising courses and apply for the capstone. Please note that you may take any of the fundraising courses to advance your skill set without committing to the full certificate. 

Please visit the Comprehensive Fund Development Courses for the approved fundraising course listings and Comprehensive Fund Development Capstone for more information on the Capstone requirements.  

Who Should Apply?

  • Current professional fundraisers within nonprofit organizations
  • Current program staff members 

Program Benefits:

By completing the certificate program, you will have the opportunity:

  • To build a customized program to meet your individual needs by selecting your own fundraising courses
  • To work with an AFP master instructor to learn the elements necessary for a successful fund development plan
  • To develop a fund development plan for your organization
  • To expand your professional network by working with an assigned mentor on the fund development plan

Program Completion Requirements:

Once you have successfully completed four fundraising courses, you may apply for the Capstone. The Capstone course includes a total of eight (8) hours of additional content presented through three online class sessions and a final class session that provides the opportunity for you to present your fund development plan to the lead instructor, fellow cohort participants and your mentor. The fund development plan is an individual project that requires you to submit a written document along with the presentation. Please visit the Comprehensive Fund Development Capstone for more details regarding the class sessions and practicum.

Application Deadline: December 16, 2016

Download Application  

You have 5 years from the time you complete the first course to finishing the four fundraising classes and apply for the Capstone.  

Please visit the How to Apply page for more detailed information on the application process. 

Financial Information

  • Individual course pricing: $225-$400 (discounts available for AFP members)
  • Capstone course pricing: $900 (discounts available for AFP members)

Please visit the Financial Information page for more details on the discounts available and payment plan options for the Capstone.

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