Best Boards

Designed for trustees and staff of nonprofit organizations, the 14th annual Best Boards conference will focus on the elements of successful board governance, which includes creating meaningful board experiences, human resources, marketing, strategic planning and crisis management, finance, operations and fundraising. This conference will be valuable to new and seasoned board members and nonprofit executives who are working together to develop effective boards for their organizations. Read more about Best Boards.

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Development and Finance Symposium

June 9-10, 2015

Nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to create strategic advantage by developing a strong relationship between their fundraising and finance functions. This symposium is designed to explore the dynamics of having these two offices collaborate, resulting in better-informed business decisions for their organizations. Senior advancement officers and CFOs will share their experiences and strategies for effective management, and participants will learn more about the complexities of both roles. Fundraisers, chief finance officers, vice presidents, executive directors, investment professionals and board members will all benefit from gaining more insight into how fiscal roles can create stability for their organizations.

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