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Fundraising Operations Capstone

In the Capstone course, you will focus on management issues and special topics in fundraising operations. This final step in the certificate program provides the opportunity to tie the different components of the six required courses together while also offering additional content.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn the role of fundraising operations within a nonprofit
  • To understand how an effective fundraising operations team works
  • To gain practical experience by completing the practicum project

The capstone course includes a total of 12 hours of additional content presented through three class sessions and a final class session that provides the opportunity for you to present your practicum project to the lead instructor, fellow cohort participants and your mentor. As part of the Capstone, you will work with an assigned mentor to design and complete your practicum project that may directly benefit your organization.

Participants have five years from the time the first Fundraising Operations Course is completed to finish all six classes and apply for the Capstone. Please visit the How to Apply page for more detailed information on the application process.