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From the 2008-2009 Class:

The LINE program has fully lived up to my expectations to gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of managing a nonprofit.

– Rod Starr, board chair and president, Grant-A-Starr Foundation 

It offers students the ability to learn over the course of a year what it would take five years to learn on your own.

– Debrah Hall, program director apprentice program, summer education director, The Monarch School 

The LINE program has greatly enhanced my knowledge of nonprofit management from fundraising and operations to HR and finance. The instructors are top notch, and I learned as much from my classmates as I did from the session material. I highly recommend this program.

– Maria Magee, vice president of fund development, Northwest Assistance Ministries 

The LINE sessions were timely and moved my career to the next level.

– Kaye Patterson, founder, Mpact Consulting 

Being accepted into the LINE program opened the door to the thriving nonprofit world of Houston. Being new to Houston, the LINE program introduced me to a myriad of opportunities that provided knowledge, insight and contacts in all facets of the nonprofit sector. My eyes were opened to what it takes to build and sustain a nonprofit in both good times and in bad times. The LINE program provides a clear and well-rounded education and empowers students on how to apply best practices in all areas of nonprofit.

– Krista Scranton, volunteer and team logistics coordinator, Faith In Practice 

The LINE program has been an incredible blessing in my life both personally and professionally. Thank you for having the vision to build a program that has given each of us an opportunity to learn about leadership within a nonprofit as well as to share our combined resources with each other ... I will greatly miss the “roundtable” of expertise that could be found during class from my colleagues and the teachers.

Cathy Moore, director of development, Faith In Practice 

From the Inaugural Class 2007-2008

The LINE program is a much needed training tool for non-profit leadership, and I am gaining incredible skills and knowledge. The exposure to some of the most amazing leaders who are willing to share their expertise along with the resources provided by Rice has had an indelible impact on my professional development. The knowledge that I have acquired will help prepare me as I pursue a career as an executive director.

– Marguerite McKinney, vice president of human resources and operations, The Houston Area Women's Center 

The LINE program brings socially-motivated leaders, thought-provoking instructors and best practices in nonprofit management together in a year-long seminar that benefits the participants as well as the community at large. Each session has given me great practical ideas that should be implemented at the Red Cross. I’ve enjoyed the association with my classmates and the academic stimulation that LINE provides.

– Bob King, acting executive director, I Have A Dream 

The LINE program is exactly what the Houston nonprofit world has needed: a condensed version of master's level theories and practices for nonprofit professionals.
We focused on every relevant aspect of successful nonprofit management – leadership, fundraising, financial management, legal and tax issues, marketing, human resources, and organizational effectiveness – and the classes were all taught by the leading experts in the field.
The LINE program has been one of the best career choices I have ever made. I feel ready to take on any task in the nonprofit world with the skills I learned during the program.

– Trisha Treece, director of development, Girls, Incorporated 

The program has provided a diverse group of leading professionals as instructors whom I doubt I would have had an opportunity to encounter outside this program. It has been a tremendous opportunity to learn from the best talent available in the nonprofit arena.

– Charlotte G. Burkhart, executive director, Homes4Good 

An executive or senior staff member of any size nonprofit can gain valuable insight from this program. The networking and group problem-solving have been of tremendous benefit to me.

– Gretchen Walton, director, Young Survival Coalition 

The experience at the Rice University LINE program was one of the most realistic leadership experiences a nonprofit executive can attain.
The most intriguing element of the LINE program is the diversity of the participants. Although we all belong to nonprofit industry, coming from the different sectors of the nonprofit has truly contributed to the blend.
I am sure this experience will be with me for a long time, and in reality it is a stepping-stone for a real world leadership role in a nonprofit sector.

– S. H. Waqif, executive director, Magnolia Branch for The House of Charity 

From Houston-area Nonprofit Companies

Programs like yours have the capacity to change the complexion of the world around us, and I loudly applaud your efforts.

– Emily Mathews, board member, Lighthouse Station, Inc. 

I believe that your program is a great gift to many in the nonprofit community who strive to improve the lives of the most needy in our community.

– Linda Forsyth, clinical director, Homes4Good